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The White Ribbon Campaign

In 1991, a lone gunman got into a university campus in Montreal, Canada and entered a class where he segregated all the female students at gunpoint and shot them - because he hated feminists.

The 'Montreal Massacre', as it became dubbed, galvinised public opinion in Canada, and led to the formation of the White Ribbon campaign. First in Canada, and then around the world, hundreds of thousands of men pledged that they would never commit, or condone, violence against women. they also pledged themselves to challenge sexist talk and behaviour if they encountered it personally.

there was a lot of publicity in the early years in Canada, and some said that this was taking media attention and charitable donations from women's refuges and similar groups. So the Campaign began fundraising themselves on behalf of these groups. Funds raised by local branches are donated to women's refuges and similar organisations, and the 6th of December provided the focus of these efforts.

I have to say that I was unaware of this until recently, but when a freind posted about it on a community i belonged to, I signed up. I also founded a community on LJ for those who wish to spread the message on line, and support those who take the pledge to become local activists.

A recent survey has revealed that almost one man in three in the Uk felt that a woman who went out on her own , or wore short skits, or got drunk was somehow "asking for it" if she go raped. or put another way, over two thirds of us are still decent blokes, right? But how many men are going to stand by and let us all be branded as "potential rapists", or let the the actions of a lawless minority dictate how the debate goes in the media? i say it's time that decent blokes like ourselves took a stand and made our feelings known. It's time we got organised and got represented for who we really are in the media and the public perception.

To find out more about the White Ribbon Campaign, go to our community, _white_ribbons. Thank you.
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