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[Originally posted in my own LJ]

Something I have been intending to do for about a year now is to set up a community for men. Not men-only, in the sense of theladiesloos being women-only, but a community intended to discuss masculinity.

I was talking about this in the pub with a few folk before Christmas, and the word "language" came up. There is an established, even an academic language in which to discuss femininity. Concepts like "empowerment", "validation", and the like have definitions and meaning, and are the building blocks of larger concepts. There isn't really any such thing for masculinity - all anyone can draw on is the language coming from thinking about relationship, like the "cave time" from Mars and Venus. But there should be ways of discussing masculinity outside of relationships.

Some might question why this would be necessary. The answer to that is that there is something observably wrong with men in the modern era. Last Christmas, I saw a guy kick a crying girl. He evidently thought that this wasn't anything unusual, and was rather taken aback that anyone would actually challenge him on it. I've seen other behaviour before and since, and heard of some quite recently, that makes me think there is something wrong.

That something wrong seems to be that there are no longer any role models for men. The "strong male figures" of our time are footballers, politicans, and actors - none of whose behaviour is exactly exemplary. And the more badly they behave, the more media coverage they get. It's no wonder that there are guys out there of my age who are assholes, because they've never seen men behave in any other way.

So I've created this community in which this can be discussed, in which the idea of role models, of codes of behavior, of just not being an asshole, can be discussed, and hopefully in which terminology can be developed to talk about these things in a more meaningful way. I'm sure some of this has been done already - I can't be the only one to have noticed this - and putting that material where people can see it will also be good.
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