Sister of the Moon (catmcroy) wrote in decentblokes,
Sister of the Moon

There room for an opinionated lady here?

Saw this on gothwalk's LJ and thought I'd wander on over and read, maybe join.

I'm definately not male but as a woman who tends to mainly have male friends.. (and well I've dated my fair share of the other half of the species *grin* even married a couple of them though that's never worked out yet)..anyways, I'm rambling again. I'm 25, Canadian, in the SCA, Pagan, and a single mom to a three year old daughter. (and maybe if her father had had a better child-hood/better role models than just his JROTC instructor, he'd have stuck around and BEEN a daddy) oh and my name is Cat and I am a student working towards getting my RN.
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